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Close toe Cotton Terry Slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Close toe Cotton Terry Slippers (100pairs/ctn)Fabric:100% cotton terry, 200gsmLining fabric:100% cot..

¥578.00 Ex Tax: ¥578.00

Coral Velvet Slipper (100pairs/ctn)

Coral Velvet Slipper closed toe (100pairs/ctn)Fabric: Coral VelvetLining fabric:Coral VelvetWit..

¥556.00 Ex Tax: ¥556.00

Coral Velvet Slipper (100pairs/ctn)

Coral Velvet Slipper closed toe (100pairs/ctn)Fabric: Light pink coral velvetLining fabric: Vel..

¥675.00 Ex Tax: ¥675.00

Coral Velvet Slipper closed toe (100pairs/ctn)

Coral Velvet Slipper closed toe (100pairs/ctn) Fabric: Coral Velvet Lining fabric:Coral Velve..

¥705.00 Ex Tax: ¥705.00

Cotton velvet fabric slippers (100pairs pack)

Cotton velvet fabric slippers (100pairs pack)Fabric: cotton velvetLining: Pulled plush Size: 10..

¥450.00 Ex Tax: ¥450.00

Large check Waffle slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Large check Waffle slippers (100pairs/ctn)Fabric: waffleLining fabric: waffleSize: 11*30.5cmSole: 7m..

¥683.00 Ex Tax: ¥683.00

Linen Slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Linen Slippers Material:LinenSize:11*29cm ( 可定制尺寸)       &nb..

¥600.00 Ex Tax: ¥600.00

Pleuche Velvet Slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Material:Pleuche Velvet(100pairs/ctn) Size:11*29cm ( customized available)  &nb..

¥758.00 Ex Tax: ¥758.00

Polyester Terry Slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Polyester Terry Slippers (100pairs/ctn)200gsm towel slippers Closed toeFabric:polyester terry,200gsm..

¥495.00 Ex Tax: ¥495.00

Polyester Velvet Slippers(100pairs/ctn)

Polyester velvet slipper(100pairs/ctn)Fabric: Polyester velvetLining: Pulled hair fabricSole: 5mmEVA..

¥495.00 Ex Tax: ¥495.00

Satin cloth Slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Material:Satin cloth(100pairs/ctn)Size:11*29cm ( customized size available)   ..

¥570.00 Ex Tax: ¥570.00

SHU Velveteen slippers(100pairs/ctn)

SHU Velveteen slippers(100pairs/ctn)Fabric: SHU VelveteenLining: SHU VelveteenSole: 4 mmEVASize: 11*..

¥750.00 Ex Tax: ¥750.00

Small check Waffle slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Small check Waffle slippers Closed toe (100pairs/ctn)Fabric: waffleLining fabric:polyester terry,180..

¥495.00 Ex Tax: ¥495.00

Suede Slippers (100pairs/ctn)

Suede Slippers (100pairs/ctn)Material:SuedeSize:11*29cm (customized available)  ..

¥580.00 Ex Tax: ¥580.00

Super soft slipper(100pairs/ctn)

Super soft  slipper(100pairs/ctn)Fabric: Super softLining: terry clothSIZE:11.5*29cm, whiteSole..

¥945.00 Ex Tax: ¥945.00

Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Rectangle Soap 40-60gm customizedMold no.:LS-048Packing:400pcs/ctnSize:7*4.5cmWeight:40-60gm(customi..
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00

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