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Lobby Supplies

Lobby Supplies

Lobby Supplies

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3 Layers Wine and liquor trolleyThree layer round trays with frame mixed φ25mm S/S tube an..

¥1,470.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,470.00

Ash bin with glass traySize:360*310*750HPacking: 1pc/ctn..

¥1,845.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,845.00

Beaf wagonTwo layer base, with two trays, 4" wheels in grey on the bottom, one pot with stainle..

¥33,500.00 Ex Tax: ¥33,500.00

Bell Boy Trolley with 8" black rubber wheelsφ25 304# titanium plated s/s, with 8" black rubber wheel..

¥950.00 Ex Tax: ¥950.00

Black finish Ash bins Size: 340 * 340 * 830H Packing: 1pc/ctn ..

¥1,257.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,257.00

Deluxe Environmental Bin  Titanium base, 1mm thickness cold rolled steel wrapping PU leath..

¥563.00 Ex Tax: ¥563.00

Deluxe Folding rollaway bed25m*25mm iron tube frame with 28mm thickness board, folding mattress and ..

¥1,506.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,506.00

Deluxe glass frame Indication SignMaterial: Titanium, iron frame base, 3.5kgs tube holder with ..

¥1,450.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,450.00

Deluxe Iron frame mixed wooden board Housekeeping cart with double canvas bagMonolithic, steel powde..

¥3,350.00 Ex Tax: ¥3,350.00

Deluxe Titanium Indication SignMaterial: Titaniumφ32mm Titanium tube holder and base, with 3mm Acryl..

¥510.00 Ex Tax: ¥510.00

Economic  Folding rollaway bedφ19mm iron tube frame in matt black with folding mattress an..

¥1,069.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,069.00

Egyptian Revival style Deluxe Lobby Ash bin4pcs φ38mm Aluminum tube to hold , round t..

¥1,108.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,108.00

Folding Room service trolleyRoom service trolley, folding, black laminated boardSIZE:1090*915*7..

¥2,326.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,326.00

Hand Luggage truckφ38mm , 304# shining s/s tube frame , steel and board plated base wrapping re..

¥2,080.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,080.00

Hollowed-out pillar Indication SignSize:604*704*1600HmmPacking: 1pc/ctn..

¥858.00 Ex Tax: ¥858.00

Rectangle Soap 30-50gm customizedMold no.:LS-206Size:7.6*4.5cmWeight:30-50gm(定制)Composition options(..
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Gillette/吉列手动男士双层刀片酒店剃须刀特约经销 New
Gillette/吉列手动男士双层刀片酒店剃须刀特约经销产品描述品牌名称:Gillette/吉列       清洗类型:水洗       &..
Ex Tax: ¥0.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Rectangle Soap 15-30gm customizedmold no.:LS-062Size: 5.8*3.3cmWeight:15-30gm(customized available)o..
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
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