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Laundry Directory Folder

Laundry Directory Folder

People on vacations or business trips do not get enough time to do their laundry. This is the reason why hotels provide laundry services to their guests. Some hotels have in-house laundry, while some offer a directory containing the contact details of the recommended laundry service providers. In both the cases, it is the onus of the hotel management to place a laundry directory folder in each and every room. Now, if you want to make an impression here, you must pay importance to the appearance or look of the directory folder.

Why purchase laundry directory folder from Petop Hospitality?

If you browse through the online market, you would come across a lot of laundry directory folders, featuring various designs. However, only a few of them can match up to the beauty of the folders we offer to our clients. The laundry directory folders we have in our online catalogue are made of PU leathers. The covering is done entirely with high quality PU leathers, and the rich feel associated with this material is something we all are aware of. Holding a PU leather-made laundry directory folder will surely offer an enhanced experience to your guests. Plus, you can also get the logo of your hotel embossed on the laundry directory folder we have. In this way, it leaves behind a positive impact in the mind of your guests.

Made from the best quality materials

Before beginning the process of manufacturing at Petop Industrial Co. Ltd, we thoroughly check the quality of the acquired raw materials, which provides us the confidence when it comes to delivering the shipment to our clients. From the use of long-lasting PU leather material to the finished quality of the laundry directory folder, we pay importance to each and every aspect of the products we sell. 

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