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Bath Robe

Bath Robe

No doubt, guests pay a lot of attention to the bath linen package of every hotel.  If the package of amenities offered by your hotel does not contain a good quality and comfortable bathrobe, it may create an impression that the hotel is not among the good ones in the business. So, if you want to make your hotel appear a luxurious one, not just from outside, but inside too, then you must provide your guests the best quality bathrobes. In this regard, the assortment of our bathrobes will never disappoint you or your guests. Made from 100 percent cotton, our bathrobes have all the necessary characteristics that guests usually expect.

Why choose our bathrobes?

 Bathrobes help in creating the right experience for the guests of your hotel. Soft and sumptuous bathrobes that exude sheer luxury can easily soothe down the mind of every tired and exhausted traveler. The best thing about the bathrobes we offer is their durability. Average quality bathrobes usually lose their softness and light feel after they have been washed several times. But, the bathrobes we sell are not among those. The reason behind is the use of high grade cotton. You can pick from options like cotton waffle weave bathrobes, cotton velvet strips bathrobes, terry cloth bathrobes, double layer silk-like shell bathrobes, cotton-polyester single velvet bathrobes, etc.

Prices that match your budget

Coming to the price aspect, the bathrobes we deal in are priced according to their material quality and design. However, the prices have been kept completely reasonable, so that you do not have to think twice before placing the order. Each and every package contains 20 bathrobes of same design and material quality. Being one of the reputed suppliers of hotel bath linens, our company Petop Hospitality always provides complete assurance about the quality, 

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100% cotton Velour Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton Velour Length: 120cmWeight: 1200gpack..


100% cotton Velour Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton VelourLength: 146cmWeight: 1400gPacki..


100% Cotton Velvet Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton VelvetLength: 126cmWeight: 1100gpackin..


100% Cotton Velvet Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% Cotton VelvetLength: 120cmWeight: 1270gpacki..


100% cotton Velvet strips Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton Velvet strips Length: 146cmWei..


100% Cotton Waffle Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Cotton Waffle BathrobeFabric: waffleColor: whiteStyle: Shawl..


100% double layer silk-like shell Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% double layer silk-like shell ..


100% Terry cloth Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 100% Terry clothLength: 126cmWeight: 1100gPacking:20..


60% Cotton 40% Polyester Thin Knit Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 60% Cotton Waffle Bathro..


80%Cotton and 20% polyester single Velvet Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 80%Cotton and 20% polyester..


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30/43g Massage Rectangular Soap (300pcs/ctn) New
30/43g Massage Rectangular Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFrangrance:Lavender 0.8%Package: Paraf..
30/43g  Rectangular Soap(300pcs/ctn) New
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