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Bath Mat

Bath Mat

Bath mats have become an essential part of every bath linen package, particularly in the hotels. If you have not placed a bath mat right at the entrance of the bathroom, it may lead to several unwanted situations. When a person walks out of a bathroom after taking a shower, the water dripping through his/her feet often causes a lot of mess around. Wet slippery floors can be quite dangerous at times; plus, they look quite untidy. So, if you do not want your hotel to earn bad reviews for this particular reason, make sure you have equipped your hotel rooms with bath mats.

Get affordable and good quality bath mats

At Petop Hospitality, we offer different types of bath mats, comprising of various colors, designs, materials, and sizes as well. You can pick your bath mat as per your commercial needs and budget. In case you are looking for cotton-made bath mats, you can go for our comb cotton floor towel bath mat. You can also opt for cotton black long-haired bath mat, which can render an excellent look to the décor of your hotel room. These bath mats are capable of absorbing good amount of water, without feeling uneasy on the feet. Talking about the price, you can remain completely assured about it. We at Petop Hospitality offer the best rates in the market.

More options you can consider

In case you do not want to go with cotton bath mats, there is no need to worry about. We also deal in PVC made bath mats, featuring lively colors and attractive designs. These bath mats are also apt for similar requirements, and the durability of our PVC bath mats is something that can be doubted. So, check out the range of options we have; place your order and save a lot of money in return. 

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100% comb cotton Floor Towel Bath MatMaterial: 100% cotton Color: in white Size: 50cm×80cmUnit weigh..


100% cotton Bath mat (15pcs pack)Material: 100% cottonColor: whiteUnit weight: 1000gm/pcSize: 6..


100% cotton black Long-haired Bath mat (15pcs pack)Material: 100% cottonColor: in BlackUnit weight: ..


21S/2 100% cotton jacquard weave Floor TowelMaterial: 100% cotton Thead count: 21S/2 Color: in wh..


32S/2 100% cotton absorbtion Floor TowelMaterial: 100% cotton 32S/2 Color: in whiteSize: 50cm×80c..


32S/2 100% cotton Floor Towel Bath Mat Material: 100% cotton 32S/2 Color: in white Size: 50cm×80..


Bathroom Non-Slip PVC Floor MatEco-PVC material, Non-Slip, durable, easy to cleancomfortable  S..


PVC浴室垫产品尺寸:69*38cm产品描述:产品是用全新环保PVC原料,背面带吸盘使防滑作用,抗张力强,经久耐用,清洗方便,无 毒,让您的浴室象花园,为您打造安全.舒适.美丽的生活空间.防寒.防潮的..


30/43g Massage Rectangular Soap (300pcs/ctn) New
30/43g Massage Rectangular Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFrangrance:Lavender 0.8%Package: Paraf..
Golf Ball White 30g Body Soap (400pcs/ctn) New
Golf Ball White 30g Body Soap(400pcs/ctn)w/o logoImported raw material with common essenceColor:Whit..
45g Square Body Soap(300pcs/ctn) New
45g Square Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFrangrance:Aloe 0.8%Packing:75pcs/inner box,  300..
20/30/40g  Round Soap(300pcs/ctn) New
20/30/40g Round Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFragrance:Lavender 0.8%Packing:75pcs/inner box,&n..
Double color toothbrushLength:180MMColor:transparent+yellowInto the transparent bag..
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