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Bed & Bath Linens

In hospitality sector, the importance of clean towels and bed linens is something we all know. If your hotel fails to offer a neatly-made bed and clean bath towels, it will create a bad impression, which in turn would definitely affect your business. Hence, we are here to help you out by offering high quality bed linen and hotel towels at highly affordable prices. We at Petop Hospitality have gained a lot of experience in understanding what kind of bed linen and towel quality works best for the hotels.

Time to make a great impression 

The use of high quality fabric in the towels we offer can create a strong impression in the mind of your guests. It is a fact that more than half of the guests give more importance to the quality of towel offered to them. Towels containing stains and giving off bad odor can make your guests feel totally annoyed. If the bathrobe is not soft enough, it will never provide your guests the kind of experience they look for. From us, you can purchase high quality bathrobes, made from pure cotton and silk fiber. Our velvet bathrobe is sure to keep your guests in a good mood.

Add comfort with soft bed linen

 Apart from maintaining cleanliness, you also have to make sure the bed linen is soft to touch and gentle on the skin. At Petop Hospitality, you can choose from dozens of options when it comes to purchasing premium quality bed linen, without affecting your hotel’s budget. We have items like buckwheat pillow, cassia seed pillow, micro fiber duvet, synthetic fiber mattress protector, silk duvet for summer, silk pillow fabric, and many more. Once you equip your hotel rooms with such high quality bed linen and pillows, you can remain assured about getting tons of positive reviews in return. 

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 16's 100% comb cotton ​Hand towel (150pcs pack)Material: Yarn dyed dobby jacqurd towel 100% co..

¥1,944.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,944.00

100% cotton Bath mat (15pcs pack)Material: 100% cottonColor: whiteUnit weight: 1000gm/pcSize: 6..

¥1,305.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,305.00

100% cotton black Long-haired Bath mat (15pcs pack)Material: 100% cottonColor: in BlackUnit weight: ..

¥1,350.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,350.00

100% cotton Velour Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton Velour Length: 120cmWeight: 1200gpack..

¥2,580.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,580.00

100% cotton Velour Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton VelourLength: 146cmWeight: 1400gPacki..

¥2,700.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,700.00

100% Cotton Velvet Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton VelvetLength: 126cmWeight: 1100gpackin..

¥2,175.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,175.00

100% Cotton Velvet Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% Cotton VelvetLength: 120cmWeight: 1270gpacki..

¥2,520.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,520.00

100% cotton Velvet strips Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% cotton Velvet strips Length: 146cmWei..

¥3,150.00 Ex Tax: ¥3,150.00

100% Cotton Waffle Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Cotton Waffle BathrobeFabric: waffleColor: whiteStyle: Shawl..

¥1,770.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,770.00

100% double layer silk-like shell Bathrobes (20pcs pack)Material: 100% double layer silk-like shell ..

¥3,600.00 Ex Tax: ¥3,600.00

100% Terry cloth Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 100% Terry clothLength: 126cmWeight: 1100gPacking:20..

¥1,875.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,875.00

1300g Foamlatex pillowfilling 1300g foamlatex size: 40 x 60cmThickness: 10~12cmpacking: 10pcs/c..

¥1,320.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,320.00

16's jacqurd 100%comb cotton Bath towel (30pcs pack)100%comb cotton 16's jacqurdSIZE:70*140cmWEIGHT:..

¥1,584.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,584.00

60% Cotton 40% Polyester Thin Knit Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 60% Cotton Waffle Bathro..

¥2,190.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,190.00

80%Cotton and 20% polyester single Velvet Bathrobe (20pcs pack)Material: 80%Cotton and 20% polyester..

¥2,469.00 Ex Tax: ¥2,469.00

Rectangle Soap 40-60gm customizedMold no.:LS-048Packing:400pcs/ctnSize:7*4.5cmWeight:40-60gm(customi..
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Rectangle Soap 30-50gm customizedMold no.:LS-206Size:7.6*4.5cmWeight:30-50gm(定制)Composition options(..
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00
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