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Hotel Leatherweare

Hotel Leatherweare

There is something very classy about the leather texture that makes us feel attracted towards PU leather items. This is the reason why the makers of luxurious cars, handbags, etc. make use of leather material. In the hospitality sector, the use of PU leather is getting more and more popular. Hotel amenities like tissue boxes, desk pad, writing case, etc. when contain PU leather material, the look and the feel of such items gets enhanced exponentially. This is the reason why we have come up with a complete range of PU leathers made hotel amenities. 

What types of PU leather items you can buy?

 Considering the usage of items on regular basis, we have included a lot of things to our list. If you want to create a powerful impression in the mind of your guests, these items will definitely help you in achieving the same. Items like remote pad, writing case, clock, tissue box, shoe basket, and service directory holder are used by almost every guest in a hotel. When your guests will find individual items beautifully covered with rich PU leather, it will eventually make them feel great about your hotel. They will surely feel happy about their decision of selecting your hotel for their accommodation. Apart from the items mentioned above, you can also go for PU leather articles like ice bucket, stationary folder, consumable boxes, laundry folder, and tray.

Luxurious touch at affordable prices

 If you are wondering about the price of these items, you do not have to worry at all. At Petop Hospitality, price always remains an advantageous factor from the perspective of our clients. You will always find our rates to be highly affordable. At the same time, we never deal in low quality items. This is the reason why we have been able to create a strong base of happy clients from the hospitality sector.  

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Alarm clock for hotel guestroomlight strip lamp Material: PU stamping a mark color Packing: 20pcs / ..


Double layer rubbish binsDia: 225mm, H:270mmMaterial: PUNo logoPacking: 6pcs/ctn, 0.1cbm ..


Ice bucket (24pcs/ctn) Material: stainless steel liner with 1L capacity & PU wrapping Size: 13..


Memo pad (100pcs pack) Size: 130*170mm Material: PU hot stamping 1 color logo Packing: 100pcs/ca..


PU leather Alarm clock Sliver with lightMaterial: PUPacking: 20pcs / carton, approx. 7.2kgs, 0...


PU leather Double layer rubbish bin (6pcs/ctn) Dia: 225mm, H:270mm Material: PU Printing: hot sta..


PU leather Ice bucket (24pcs/ctn)Material: Stainless steel liner with 1L capacity & PU wrappingP..


PU leather Memo pad (100pcs pack) Size: 130*170mm Material: PU hot stamping 1 color logo Packing..


PU leather Rectangle tissue box (36pcs pack) Size: 240*125*65mm Material:PU Hot stamping..


PU leather Remote control cover size: 105*240*45mm Material: PU hot stamping 1 color logo Packin..


PU Leather Remote control holder Size:80*80*170mm Material: PU hot stamping 1 color logo Packi..


PU leather Service directory holder(28pcs/ctn) Size: 240*320*40mm Material: PU with 1 color logo ..


PU leather Shoes traySize: 400*300*80mmMaterial: PUhot stamping 1 color logoPacking: 10pcs/carton, a..


PU leather Square tissue box (30pcs pack) Size: 130*130*145mm Material: PU hot stamping 1 color l..


PU leather Stationery tray (6pcs pack) Size: 265*105*30mm Material:PU hot stamping 1 color logo ..


45g Square Body Soap(300pcs/ctn) New
45g Square Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFrangrance:Aloe 0.8%Packing:75pcs/inner box,  300..
30/43g  Rectangular Soap(300pcs/ctn) New
30/43g Rectangular Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFrangrance:Lavender 0.8%Packing:75pcs/inner bo..
Golf Ball White 30g Body Soap (400pcs/ctn) New
Golf Ball White 30g Body Soap(400pcs/ctn)w/o logoImported raw material with common essenceColor:Whit..
Gillette Twin Gillette Comfort Blades Shaving careBrand:Gillette       Type of c..
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