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Comfort is one of the important facets of service quality that every good hotel must provide. There are many aspects that determine the overall comfort factor of a hotel, and the duvets are one of them. The quality of duvet is figured out with its GSM (gram per square meter) value. At Petop Hospitality, we deal in high quality duvets which are bound to add more beauty and comfort to the bed of your hotel rooms. From our online store, you can purchase duvets that range from 150 GSM to 500 GSM. Selection can be made as per the luxury factor of the rooms of your hotel.

Select our highly durable duvet 

The fabric that we use for our duvets is made from the finest quality cotton blended with silk. In terms of cover, there are three options to choose from, which are- micro-fiber duvet, silk duvet, and silk-like fiber duvet. Without any doubt, we pay a lot of attention to the material quality of the duvets we sell, so that once you purchase them, you do not have to worry about the durability for the next five or six years at least. You can choose the thickness of the duvet based on the climatic condition of the region where your hotel is based at. The 150 GSM duvets are best for the summer season, whereas our 350 GSM duvets offer absolute comfort during the winter days. 

Provide the best experience to your guests

 At the end of the day, we all desire for a few hours of comfort. So, if you are not able to provide the same to your guests, it is quite unlikely that they will visit your hotel again. Nothing makes a tired body feel more relaxed than a soft and smooth duvet during the winter days. So, check out our collection and go for it. 

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Hotel Duvet 70% duck down 30% feather 300GSM(10pcs pack)Material: down-proof fabric 233T(133/100),filling: 70% duck down 30% featherThickness: 30..


Micro fiber duvet 300GSM for winter (10pcs pack)Material: Fabric with T/C 110*90 cloth,Filling: Micro fiber Thickness: 300GSMSize: 160X220cm..


Micro-fiber Duvet 150GSM for summer(10pcs pack) Material: Fabric with T/C 110*90 clothFilling: Micro-fiber Thickness: 150GSMSize: 160X2..


Micro-fiber Duvet 250GSM for spring and Autumn(10pcs pack)Material: Fabric with T/C 110*90 clothFilling: Micro-fiberThickness: 250GSMSize: 1..


Micro-fiber Duvet 350GSM for Winter (10pcs pack)Material: Fabric with T/C 110*90 cloth, Filling: Micro-fiber Thickness: 350GSMSize: 160..


Micro-fiber Duvet 400GSM extra warm (10pcs pack)Material: Fabric with T/C 110*90 cloth,Filling: Micro-fiberThickness: 400GSMSize: 160X220cm/..


Silk Duvet 150GSM for Summer (10pcs pack) Material: Silk Thickness: 150GSMSize: 160X220cm/205X230cm/240X230cm/260X230cmColor: whitePack..


Silk Duvet 350GSM for Winter (10pcs pack)Fabric: 60's Satin Filling: SilkThickness: 350gsmSize: 160X220cm/205X230cm/240X230cm/260X230cmColor..


Silk-like Fiber Duvet 150GSM for summer(10pcs pack) Material: 133x100 down-proof fabricFilling: Silk-like fiber Thickness: 150gsmSize: 160X2..


Silk-like fiber duvet 250GSM for Spring and Autumn (10pcs pack) Material: 133x100 down-proof fabricFilling: Silk-like fiberThickness: 250GSMSize:..


Silk-like fiber Duvet 300GSM for winter (10pcs pack)Material: 133x100 down-proof fabricFilling: Silk-like fiber Thickness: 300GSMSize: 160X2..


Silk-like fiber Duvet 350GSM for Winter (1pcs pack)Material: 133x100 down-proof fabricFilling: Silk-like FiberThickness: 350GSMSize: 160X220cm/20..


Silk-like fiber Duvet 400GSM for winter(10pcs pack)Material: 133x100 down-proof fabricFilling: Silk-like fiber Thickness: 400GSMSize: 160X22..


Silk-like fiber Duvet 500GSM for Winter(10pcs pack)Material: 133x100 down-proof fabricFilling: 500gsm feather fabricSize: 160X220cm/205X230cm/240..


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