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The best hotels never leave any stone unturned when it comes to picking the best pillows. After all, nobody likes resting their face or head on untidy pillows that do not smell fresh. Likewise, the softness and texture of the pillow’s fabric also matters a lot. This is the reason why we have selected the best quality pillows for our esteemed clients. You can pick from a wide array of pillows for your hotels, in terms of size, shape, and type. We at Petop Hospitality never compromise with the bed linen based products.

Prime aspects of our pillows

Durability, softness, breathability, moisture permeability, and comfort are the five main aspects that define our pillows. For durability, we bring into use high quality fabric comprising of cotton and silk. Our silk pillow down-proof fabric is one of the best options you can find in the present market. If you do not want to spend a lot on silk, you can opt for the silk-like pillow which also offers the down-proof characteristic. Our 1300g foam latex pillow provides ultimate comfort to the tired neck. In addition, you can also choose from options like Cassia seed pillow and Buckwheat pillow. The material used for our pillows is quite good at conducting moisture, which soaks in the moisture released from the skin; thus resulting in higher level of comfort. 

Make your hotel room more guest-friendly 

Once you add any of these pillows to the bed in your hotel room, your guests will never complain about the comfort aspect. Coming to the price of these pillows, we have kept it absolutely reasonable, so that you do not have to think twice because of your budget. All you need to do is place your order; we will get it delivered to your location in no time! So, take a look at the wide array of comfortable and durable pillows, and go for them. 

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1300g Foamlatex pillowfilling 1300g foamlatex size: 40 x 60cmThickness: 10~12cmpacking: 10pcs/ctn ..


Buckwheat ​pillowMaterial: filling 1 kgm buckwheat in 133/100 proof fabric Size: 48x74 cmPacking: 10pcs / carton..


Cassia seed ​Pillow (10pcs pack) Material: filling 1 kgm buckwheat in 133/100 proof fabric Size: 48x74 cmPacking: 10pcs / carton..


Micro-fiber ​Pillow down-proof fabric 110/76 (10pcs pack)material: down-proof fabric 110/76, feather fabric 750g/800g Size: 45X75cn/50x80cmW..


Silk ​Pillow down-proof fabric 133/100 (10pcs pack)material: down-proof fabric 133/100, feather fabric 800gSize: 48X78cmWith sewing a washed Mark..


Silk-like ​Pillow down-proof fabric 133/100 (10pcs pack)material: down-proof fabric 133/100, feather fabric 1200g/1300g Size: 45X75cn/50x80c..


​Micro-fiber Pillow (10pcs pack)material: down-proof fabric 110/90, feather fabric 750g/800g Size: 45X75cn/50x80cmWith sewing a washed MarkP..


30/43g Massage Rectangular Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFrangrance:Lavender 0.8%Package: Paraf..
30/43g Rectangular Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFrangrance:Lavender 0.8%Packing:75pcs/inner bo..
Gillette Twin Gillette Comfort Blades Shaving careBrand:Gillette       Type of c..
20/30/40g Round Soap(300pcs/ctn)w/o logoColor:WhiteFragrance:Lavender 0.8%Packing:75pcs/inner box,&n..
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